You gotta problem with my lilacs?

The Mrs. publicly attacked me for aggravating her allergies by bringing a bouquet of lilacs into the house.  Sales of her favorite essential oil recipe for relief skyrocketed as she took to Facebook to blame my thoughtful gesture for her swollen eyes.  Never mind the tree pollen storm that just descended upon our quiet village (my car is now yellow – I have a yellow car), the small bunch of lilacs were the root of the problem, she was sure.

So let’s set the record straight.  Thanks to our friends at, I can confirm what I already knew and the Mrs. chose to ignore: though sometimes extremely fragrant, the lilac is low in allergy-inducing pollen.  Among the lilac’s partners in the fragrant but not-likely-sneeze-worthy category: “gardenia, hyacinth, jasmine [and lilacs]. (Many of the French hybrid lilacs and the white or yellow varieties are not as highly scented.)”  \

And furthermore, over to the good people at, where we either learn a new word or they just made one up: Allergenicity.

Allergenicity: No allergy has been reported for Common Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) species.

So there you have it – I’ll wait for my public apology now.